Advanced Diagnostic Equipment



B-Scan Ultrasound

equip1The B-Scan Ultrasound is performed to look inside the eye that cannot be seen directly due to many conditions. Some of these conditions may be due to dense cataracts. However, Dr. Matamoros may order this test to help diagnose any type of retinal problem, tumors, intraocular foreign bodies or other disorders.

Your eye is numbed with an anesthetic eye drop. Gel is placed on your eye and the ultrasonic probe is placed on the front surface of your eye and scans the inside. The test usually takes about 15 minutes.



equip2The Nidek OPD-SCAN III gives us the option of having 5 different State-of-the art technology devices in one. We have the Wavefront Aberrometer that will give us assessment of visual acuity and quality of vision in addition to traditional refraction. The Topographer will provide intuitive maps and data for the corneal surface of the eye. The Auto Refractor will provide accurate refractions for various pupil diameters that helps us determine daytime and nighttime refractions. This is especially important for pre and post op refractive patients. The Auto Keratometer provides readings that will aid in determining the proper IOL power for post-operative patients. The Pupillometer and Pupillographer will measure daytime and nighttime pupil diameters. Dr. Matamoros will review all areas of the OPD-SCAN III to determine landmarks for IOL centration and positioning.


Zeiss IOL Master 500

equip3The Zeiss IOL Master 500 is the gold standard in optical biometry. We use this biometer to measure the different internal structures inside your eye that will help us determine the correct power of the intraocular lens chosen by Dr. Matamoros. The IOL Master 500 is the answer to optimizing outcomes where precision is number one.


Zeiss Visual Field 740i

equip4Our Zeiss Visual Field 740i is the gold standard in perimetry to aid in glaucoma diagnosis and management. The Humphrey Field Analyzer is the premier automated visual field perimeter.

With video eye monitoring the 740i simplifies patient alignment, making the test more comfortable and faster than its competitors. Dr. Matamoros uses this advanced technology to help make the necessary diagnosis and present the proper treatment.


Zeiss Cirrus HD- OCT 400

equip5The Zeiss Cirrus HD-OCT 400 is recognized as the gold standard of glaucoma and retinal analyses and refines retinal imaging. We use this technology to enable the examination of the anterior and posterior segments of the eye without any contact with the eye. With early prevention Dr. Matamoros is able to diagnose any early signs of macular problems, optic nerve disease and then present the necessary course of treatment.


Canon CR-2 Fundus Camera

equip6The Canon CR-2 Fundus Camera will allow us to photograph the vessels and optic disc in the back of your eye with little or no dilation. This state of the art fundus camera incorporates the latest in Canon retinal imaging technology and along with the high resolution images; it is easier for Dr. Matamoros to diagnosis and detect of a wide range of ocular conditions and diseases.


Tear Lab Osmolarity Test

equip6During your exam, if one of your concerns may be dry eyes. We perform The Tear Lab Osmolarity Test that will give us information about the salt content in your tear layer. This test will give us a number that will be put on a measurement scale. Dr. Matamoros will discuss this measurement with you and if indicated then together you will discuss the necessary course of treatment for your dry eye condition.


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