What is a Cataract?

One of the focusing structures inside the eye is called the lens. When this lens becomes cloudy and vision becomes blurry this lens is called a cataract. Cataracts are very common among people over age 60. This is not to say that it doesn’t happen at a younger age for many reasons, however 60 is the usual age they begin to be bothersome.

At what point do I discuss cataract surgery?

When the vision becomes blurry and glasses will not improve vision, and the most important things you enjoy for example: Golf, Computer work, Sewing, your professional responsibilities as well as light sensitivity and difficulty with driving all become difficult to perform, then now is the time to discuss cataract surgery with our professional team.

How safe is cataract surgery?

Cataract surgery is one of the safest and most successful procedures performed today. Surgery is done at our Ambulatory Surgical Center and you go home the same day. This very safe procedure is done by making a very tiny microscopic incision through which the lens is softened and aspirated out using a variable amount of ultrasound energy. The procedure takes approximately 20-30 minutes. You can resume most of your normal activities the next day.

How will I see if the lens is removed?

After the cataract is removed, a foldable intraocular lens will be inserted that replaces the cloudy lens of your eye. The power of this lens is determined by the pre-operative testing you will have when you are having your in-office cataract evaluation.

Are there any risks with cataract surgery?

As in all operations there are risks that must be taken. These risks and concerns will be discussed with you at the time of your exam with Dr. Matamoros. Rest assured that by the time you leave our office that all of your questions and concerns will be addressed in a language that you will understand. Feel free to bring a family member or friend with you if you desire.

What is the difference between the traditional or standard cataract operation vs. the Femto Bladeless Laser Cataract Surgery?

The traditional or standard cataract procedure is extremely safe. With this approach, the very tiny incisions are made with a manual blade. The cataract (cloudy lens) is in a capsule and the capsule must be opened from the top. This is called a Capsulorhexis. This opening is also performed manually. Once opened the actual lens is exposed and ready to be broken up manually and then removed by ultrasound and aspiration. Please note that the traditional or standard method is very safe and our patients achieve excellent results.

Femto Bladeless Laser Cataract Surgery

Dr. Matamoros uses the Catalys Precision Laser System. This FDA-approved system brings both laser precision technology and computer-guided consistency to cataract surgery. Treatment is tailored to each individual’s eye, enhancing the safety, accuracy and precision to achieve excellent visual results.

Dr. Matamoros utilizes this new revolutionary approach in several important steps of cataract surgery:

  1. Creating the arcuate incisions to reduce astigmatism. These incisions are perfect in design, providing an absolute seal.
  2. Creating the primary incisions and side port to access the cataract.
  3. Creating the circular incision around the capsule of the lens in the eye, a step called a capsulotomy. The system performs this opening in less than two seconds. A perfectly centered and round opening will provide a better intraocular lens position.
  4. Fragmenting the cataract- affected lens to make its removal gentler on the eye. The Femto laser divides the cataract into over 50 small pieces, so it can be aspirated more efficiently. This helps to protect the cornea, by significantly reducing phaco energy.
  5. Customization: the laser guided cataract surgery allows us to customize the procedure for each individual.

While the experience, proficiency and surgical skills of the cataract surgeon are the main factors in obtaining the best results, this laser guided technology brings another dimension in achieving those goals.

At the Center for Eye Care and Surgery we offer a variety of advanced choices in intraocular lens technology. Please feel free to discuss with Dr. Matamoros which lens is the best to fit your needs.

At the Center for Eye Care and Surgery in PortSaint Lucie, we are pleased to offer this Ultra-premium experience with excellent results. This is a gentler approach that allow patients a rapid recovery and sharper vision soon after. We are clearly focused on providing you the best possible vision.

This new technology has brought precision and predictability to the routine cataract surgery procedure that has been performed for years. Cataract surgery is one of the most successful and one of the safest procedures in medicine today. It is estimated that there are over 14 million lens implant procedures performed each year.

How is the Femto Bladeless Laser used in cataract surgery?

If you choose to have the Femto Bladeless Laser, the very tiny incisions, the capsulorhexis (opening of the capsule that covers the lens) and the softening of the lens takes place with the laser. The softening of the lens with the Femto Bladeless Laser is a tremendous advantage because there may be less ultrasound energy taking place to aspirate the cataract. Recovery is quick, and patients may have less discomfort.

What is the Standard Intraocular Lens vs. Premium Intraocular Lens?

The Standard Intraocular Lens is a soft,lens that is measured for either distance (driving) OR intermediate (computer) OR near vision (newspaper). This is called (monofocal). These lenses are extremely safe. The measurement chosen will be determined by you and Dr. Matamoros at the time of your exam. Usually, the monofocal decision is for distance vision (driving), and at times glasses are prescribed after the post operative period to make your functional vision better especially for night driving with an anti-reflective coating on your lenses to cut down on glare.

The Premium Intraocular Lens is a soft lens that is measured for:

  • Toric Lenses for astigmatism which is a very common vision condition that causes blurred vision due to either an irregular shape of the cornea or the curvature of the lens inside your eye. Depending on the amount of astigmatism you have and by choosing a lens to correct for astigmatism (Toric Lens), you will reduce the amount of your astigmatic correction dramatically in your glasses should you need them.
  • Multi-Focal or Accommodating Lenses for vision correction. By choosing this premium lens choice it will reduce your dependency on glasses for distance (driving) AND intermediate (computer) AND near (reading).

Does Insurance cover the Femto Bladeless Laser or Premium Lenses?

At the present time, insurance does not cover either. However we offer different payment options for you to consider. Please remember that you use your eyes 100% of the time while awake therefore your decisions to have either the Femto Bladeless Laser or the Premium Lens (all to be discussed with Dr. Matamoros at the time of your exam) is an investment in your eyes.

What to expect after cataract surgery

In most cases both standard and advanced custom cataract surgeries are not painful. Prior to surgery you will receive medication to relax you and very comfortable during your surgery. You will not be able to drive yourself home on the day of surgery. When you arrive home it is important to relax and take it easy. Recovery varies from patient to patient but in most cases can return to their most regular activities within a day or two.

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