Local Eye Surgeon Takes His Advanced Refractive Cataract Surgery Skills Internationally


Center for Eye Care & Surgery founder and director Silviano Matamoros, MD, believes that everyone should have access to stateof-the-art eye care. It’s a belief that he regularly puts into action with international mission trips.

“Our philosophy is that medicine is a healing art and our advanced technology should be extended to everyone who needs it,” says Dr. Matamoros.

LUC12C-img4“We work very closely with medical institutions in newly developing countries. We’ve developed a strong affiliation with the Hospital Central Managua to establish their new Ophthalmic Institute. We
assisted them in their decision-making process to acquire ophthalmology equipment and assisted them in training their staff.”

During a recent trip to Managua, Dr. Matamoros and two surgical nurses from our surgical center, Kathleen Buchholz and Joanne Thomas, volunteered their time to perform 30 cataract surgeries.


Assessment of pre-cataract surgery using advanced diagnostic OPD-Scan 3 technology.

“This was a truly amazing experience,” says the doctor. “A local ophthalmologist prescreened close to two hundred patients to identify those who were in great need of eye surgery. Many of these patients
traveled from cities many miles from Managua. We worked cooperatively with the local team, who embraced the project from the beginning to make it successful. “I had the opportunity to provide
qualifying patients with the new premium lens called Tetraflex,” says Dr. Matamoros. “This advanced intraocular lens [IOL], currently awaiting approval in the USA, is successfully being used in Europe.

“This new, advanced-technology lens gives patients functional near vision while at the same time providing high-quality intermediate and distance vision. Seeing the positive results in my Nicaragua patients with this advanced, premium Tetraflex lens gives me a clear understanding of what will soon be available in the United States.

“It truly gives you a sense of appreciating what we have in this country,” reflects Dr. Matamoros. “My traveling staff was particularly moved by how thankful the patients were and how much they appreciated the international mission effort to help them.”

Dr. Alvaro Guerra, medical director of the hospital in Managua, had this to say: “Dr. Matamoros and his surgical team not only donated their time and expertise by performing this advanced Tetraflex procedure on patients who otherwise could not afford the surgery, but he also introduced a new technology to local ophthalmologists, opening a new chapter in Nicaragua’s ophthalmological history.”


Superb eye care

The Center for Eye Care & Surgery in Port St. Lucie, Florida has been providing excellent eye care for over 22 years. The center offers patients the very latest in surgical and diagnostic equipment available.

“We specialize in refractive cataract surgery with advanced intraocular lenses,” says Dr. Matamoros. “This technology is often requested by patients with a desire for greater independence from glasses.
These lenses give patients a wider range of vision – distance, intermediate, and near.

“There are a few things in life that we can acquire that never depreciate, and vision with premium lenses is one of them. There are also very few things that we purchase that we use every waking moment for the rest of our lives, and again, a premium IOL is one of those things.”

Before having cataracts removed, Dr. Matamoros and the patient discuss what their functional needs are and together decide the best choice of advanced premium intraocular lenses to use.

“There are many intraocular lens options and techniques to choose from,” he notes, “and my goal is to educate our patients and to reduce the patients’ dependency on eyewear. Listening to my patients
and spending enough time with them is critical as we discuss their lifestyles so we can determine which lens will work best.”

OPD-Scan 3

Dr. Matamoros and his staff evaluate patients using the latest diagnostic and refractive equipment.
“Cataract evaluation has been taken to another dimension thanks to the OPD-Scan 3. We’ve just recently added the OPD-Scan 3 for use in our office, enabling us to assess patients using state-of-the-art technology. The depth and detailed information it provides is particularly valuable when planning cataract surgery using premium lenses.

“To take full advantage of the new IOL designs, it is critical to consider a number of factors: size and shape of the cornea; minimum and maximum pupil sizes; distortions in the eye, such as spherical
aberrations; the actual pathway light takes through the eye as it travels to the retina; and the distance of that pathway from the center of the pupil.

“This is a third-generation instrument that allows us to have all this information about a patient’s eye condition,” reports Dr. Matamoros. “The OPD-Scan 3 is making it possible for us to bring better surgical results to our patients. It’s truly bringing the cataract evaluation process to another level!”

Dr. Matamoros was very appreciative of the support by his nurses, anesthesia personnel and staff members at One Day Surgery Surgical Center and his staff at Center for Eye Care & Surgery for their effort in helping with his projects. FHCN

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