Best thing I ever did in my life. Absolutely no discomfort at all. Frank Longo

I am very happy because I can see very well now. Theresa Ayerve

The FEMTO was easy and am very pleased with the results. Margaret Foley

I am very pleased with the outcome of my eye surgery. Having the FEMTO was the best decision. Dr. Matamoros is a very caring doctor and has a great staff. Jean Capuano

I can see again! No pain! Irene Wise

I’m thrilled! Best thing to happen in years! Brenda Casey

A Definite 10 Armando Perez

I basically couldn’t see anything until I met with one of the best doctors. He and his staff took excellent care of me. The surgery was the best ever. I can see the wonderful world thanks to him. Teresa Rister

Cataract Extraction with Tecnis Multifocal IOL Implant

Iris Martínez Surgery

Cataract Extraction with IOL Implant

Angel Morán Surgery

Cataract Extraction with IOL Implant

William Moore Surgery

Refractive Surgery

Mark Barnes Surgery

Cataract Extraction with TORIC IOL Implant

Virginia Parker Surgery

Cataract Extraction with TORIC IOL Implant

José José Surgery

Minutes after my surgery, I could not believe the vision I had. My vision was so clear and sharp! Colors were bright and seemed to pop out at me. After wearing glasses my whole life, being able to see without them was just unreal.

After the procedure my vision was wonderful and very sharp. Dr. Matamoros was so caring and very supportive while informing me of every step that was taking place. My husband was having his eyes done, as well, and Dr. Matamoros constantly kept each of us informed of the other’s progress. Femto Laser Cataract Surgery was the best choice for me.

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